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Electronics and manufacturing
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Businesses that assemble electronics and manufacturing equipment know they can trust Travelers. Our team’s depth of experience in the industry ensures your clients feel prepared to manage their exposures. Whether they are assembling equipment for a lab or a broadcasting company, they can have confidence they are protected if something goes wrong.

Last updated 22 February 2024

Sectors we cover

We’re ready to insure these businesses.

  • Lab equipment
  • Broadcasting equipment
  • Communication equipment
  • Audio and video equipment
  • Lighting
  • Computer hardware / peripheral equipment
  • Photographic equipment
  • Scientific instruments and related software
  • Electrical office equipment such as printers and photocopiers

Sectors we'll consider

We may be able to insure these businesses.

  • Computer chips / PCB stuffing (depends what they control)
  • Physical security systems such as CCTV or biometric
  • Switchgear
  • Renewable energy / solar panels
  • Antennae or amplifiers
  • Control systems
  • Industrial electronics (eg detect measure gases etc, non destructive testing, quality control)
  • Electrical or electronic components
  • Building management systems
  • Electronics for the defence industry

Sectors we do not cover

We are unable to insure these businesses.

  • Aviation, rail, marine or automotive products, if safety critical
  • Whole Fire Alarm systems
  • Safety critical oil or gas products
  • Batteries
  • Mobile phones
  • Nano technology
  • PCB bareboard manufacturing and semi conductor manufacturers
  • Waste material dealers

Help us get to know your client’s business

These questions will give you a sense of the information we will need.

  • How does the Insured manage their contracts?
  • How does your client cap their liability and do they exclude consequential losses in their standard terms and conditions?
  • Please provide details of the Insured’s three largest contracts.
  • What products are being supplied?
  • What industries are the products supplied to?
  • Could details of any products be considered safety critical?
  • Are the products made to your client’s own design or their customers' specification?
  • What quality controls are in place?
  • What standards are the products manufactured to?
  • Does the client have a Business Continuity Plan?

Let’s get specific. These are the kinds of detailed questions we will ask to better understand your client’s day-to-day operations.

Computer chips / PCB stuffing
Physical security systems
Industrial Control Systems
Industrial or general electronics
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We offer a comprehensive range of insurance and risk management benefits tailored to the needs of clients who assemble electronics and manufacturing equipment.


  • Warranty and condition precedent free
  • One Package Policy with no gaps
  • Flexibility of approach
  • Access to HCL Technologies pre breach services
  • Access to post breach services
  • Access to Travelers eRisk Hub for claims examples and cyber training assessments

Professional Indemnity & Intellectual Property Rights

  • Civil Liability Wording
  • Written & Verbal Contracts Covered
  • Option of AOC or AGG basis
  • Option of a Costs in Addition or Costs Inclusive basis
  • Excess not Applicable to Defence Costs
  • Auto US Jurisdiction-PI & IPR
  • Third Party Fines Covered To PI Limit
  • Sub-Contractors Explicitly Covered
  • Auto Acquisitions
  • Auto Additional Insured cover
  • Liquidated damages are now included in the definition of ‘loss’
  • Awards Of Ombudsmen
  • IPR Includes Patent & Trade Secret (ex US)

Cyber business costs

  • Clear trigger language arranged on a losses discovered basis
  • Extended discovery period of 90 days after cancellation

Breach Response

  • Privacy Breach Notification
  • Computer & Legal Experts
  • Betterment
  • Public Relations
  • Data Restoration
  • Cyber Extortion

Cyber Crime

  • Computer fraud
  • Funds transfer fraud
  • Telecommunications fraud
  • Social engineering fraud

Business loss

  • Business Interruption including IT providers & outsource providers
  • Reputational harm
  • System failure
  • Damage to computer systems
  • Incompatibility of computer systems

Cyber Liability

  • Privacy Breach cover
  • Transmission of Computer Virus
  • Failure to comply with Data Protection Law
  • Invasion of Rights of Privacy or Publicity
  • Defamation, Libel & Slander
  • Liquidated damages included
  • Auto Acquisitions cover
  • Computer Systems includes personal devices when used for business


  • Automatic pre-claim rehabilitation cover now provided under the EL section
  • Public Relations Costs cover now included under the EL and PL/PR Sections
  • Automatic North American Jurisdiction cover provided in respect of Public & Products Liability
  • No Efficacy exclusion under PL/PR section
  • Auto Additional Insured cover under the PL/PR Section
  • Ability to include Products Recall Withdrawal Expenses
  • Vendors Liability


  • All Risks cover as standard
  • Specialist Business Interruption R&D cover including payment pledges
  • Options for Flexible Limits of Loss
our tech appetite

Keeping business moving

Our breadth of insurance cover and risk control protections help electronics and manufacturing clients stay on track.

  • Property damage
  • Goods in transit
  • Money and personal accident (assault)
  • Business interruption
  • Terrorism
  • Cyber Business Costs (first party cyber)
  • Computer and Machinery Breakdown
  • Employers’ liability
  • Public and products liability
  • Product recall (costs only)
  • Professional indemnity
  • Intellectual Property Rights
  • Cyber Liability (third party cyber)
  • Legal expenses
  • Criminal protection response

Key documents

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